Rich and Comprehensive Care

The ongoing research of The Laboratories GERnétic Synthese (Labo. Ger.s) enables them to evolve on a daily basis and provide a specific solution to your expectations. Welcome to the field of Health & Beauty, where each product is a balance of skin care benefits and pleasurable use. Derived from Cellular Biology Research, GERnétic beauty care products are made of 100% natural principles which guarantee optimal results without risk of allergy.

Repair and Regeneration of aging and damaged tissue(face, body or bust) takes minimum four to six months and requires in-salon treatment as well as dedication to your home care regiment. Continued use will reveal spectacular results. Experience the difference that applied cellular biology technologies can make in your skin and in your life!

FREE skin consultation and sample product available.

Age Defying Facial – 1½ hour
For all skin types ages 40 and over

Anti Aging Facial – 1 hr & 15 min
For all skin types ages 20 and over.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial – 1 hour
Ideal for congested acne skin ages 13 and up

Rejuvenation Facial Sun Damage Repair – 1 hr 45min
Ultimate treatment to regenerate, repair & restore aging, neglected or sun damaged skin; Ages 40 and up (also may be used to restore pre-mature aging due to excess sun exposure in young skin ages 25 and up).

Flower Acid Facial – 1½ hour
Biological deep exfoliating action. All skin types all ages.

Flower Acid Treatment
Series of 6 treatments (includes one facial)

Marine Eye Lift – ½ hour
Treatment for sagging eye lids. Works wonders on crepe wrinkled  tissue and crows feet

Signature Anti-Aging Eye Treatment – ¾ hour
Treatment of puffiness, bags and dark circles