GERnétic Face, Body & Bust Care

Applied Cellular Biology – The Science of Beauty

Restore and preserve the youthfulness of your FACE, BODY & BUST!

GERnétic Int. Laboratories in France, specialists and market leaders in the field of professional skin care for over 40 years have developed treatments and products that maximize your health and beauty from the inside out! GERnétic Int. health & beauty products offer a non-surgical, non-invasive method of achieving your aesthetic goals. Anti-Aging Face & Body Treatments, Bust Lift & Repair, Slimming & Treatment of Cellulite, Acne & Rosacea Treatments, Repair Treatments for Stretch Marks, Burns, Scars and more.

Their continuous and ongoing research into Cellular Biology keeps GERnétic Int. at the leading edge of innovative technology. Advanced natural organic active ingredients are used in all GERnétic Int. products to treat skin conditions from the simplest to the most complex affecting the face, body & bust. GERnétic Int. Laboratories develop formulations to target the cause and effects of cellular aging as well as all visible imperfections  of the face, body & bust. The natural raw materials used in the GERnétic Int. Skin care line have been clinically tested and only contain elements that meet the requirements of the International Pharmacopeia. All GERnétic products have been registered  with the Health Ministry of France, Canada and the U.S. FDA

The skin is a reflection of the body’s inner state. GERnétic Int. unique products and treatment methods work to redress internal deficiencies in order to improve or eliminate negative external symptoms. Each GERnétic product contains vital nutritional elements – vitamins, minerals and amino acids, in scientifically measured proportions designed to pass through the skin (cutaneous penetration), helping to improve general organic health, which in turn enhances the beauty and aesthetic of the face, body & bust.