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Over 40 years of in-depth biological research has resulted in a high performance product line that delivers essential nutrition through the skin. All GERnétic Products have microscopic nutritious elements, specific for all aesthetic cases of face, bust and body. These nutritious elements have been matched as closely as possible to the biological composition of cells in the organ or organs that are responsible for the aesthetic problem to be treated. Therefore, each one the GERnétic products improves the visible aesthetic aspect, by treating the internal cause of the aesthetic problem. The cutaneous penetration of nutrients assist in  redressing deficiencies within the body. Absorption of the Vitamins, Minerals, Protein ands Amino Acids will in time, assist in balance the endocrine system, regulate the digestive system, optimize metabolisme,  improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage,  firm and repair tissue etc…

All GERnétic Products have been registered with the Health Ministry of Canada and the U.S. FDA

Case #1 – Slimming, Treatment of Cellulite, Treatment of Veins

 Before & After 6 months

Age 31

Results Acheived
Before size 14    After size 8

Inches Lost
Hips  3 inches

Thighs  2 1/2  inches each

Knees   1 inch each

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Vasco Artera

Adpio Gasta

Case #2 – Slimming & Firming

 Before & After 6 months

Age 50

Size 16 to size 12

Lost inches:

Waist: 3 1/2 inches

Hips: 1 1/2 inches

Thigh: 1/2 inch

Home Care Regiment


Vasco Artera

Adipo Gasta


Case #3 – Slimming & Firming

Age 56

Lost inches:

Waist: 2 inches

Hips: 2 1/2 inches

Thigh: 1 1/4 inch each

Case #4 – Slimming and Treament of Cellulite

 Before & After 5 months

Age 46

Size 24 to size 18

Lost inches:

Waist: 4 inches

Hip: 4 1/4  inches

Thigh: 1 inch each Calves: 1 inch each

Total inches lost: 12 1/2 inches total

Home Care Regiment


Vasco Artera

Adipo Gasta

Case #5 – Tissue Repair

Before After 2 Months

Mastectomy followed by sixteen intensive radiation treatments

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Synchro &  Cytobi  layered

Case #6 – Treatment of Veins

Before After 3 1/2 Months

Front View

Side View

Back View

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