Cellulite ReducingTreatment

DEFINITION & DESCRIPTION: Cellulite is not fat!

The Laboratories of GERnétic Int. have ascertained that cellulite is always due to clusters of old dead cells, attached to tissues, fat and muscle, unable to be eliminated from the body. These old dead cells are badly vascularized and stagnant in the tissues, thus provoking inflammation. In the end they become covered in fibrous tissue which is what gives the dimpling or “orange peel effect”

The cause of cellulite are numerous and in particular – are mainly hormonal in women (excess of estrogen). This explains why the cellulite is stocked in areas aptly called “feminine” (stomach, thighs, hips….) The other causes are varied: bad nutrition, lack of vitamin E, smoking, alcohol, stress, lack of exercise….all of which are 100% linked to poor circulation!


By light drainage massages from the soles of the feet to the waist, the plant and marine extracts of the specific GERnétic body care products are slowly absorbed, providing the essential nutrition linked to the composition of blood cells (amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, proteins….) The trans dermal absorption of these ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS nourish, balance and provoke better circulation enabling the old dead cells that make up CELLULITE to be “detached” and eliminated from the body.

In- Salon body treatments include: exfoliation, application of stimulating, reparative and nourishing layers of product by means of gentle massage followed by a body mask appropriate to your specific treatment needs. Daily application of specific body care products is required. Desired results takes minimum four to six months. GERnétic body care products must be used as recommended for maximum result!

Results will vary and maintenance is recommended.

Cellulite Treatment        $80 each
Series of 6 Treatments $400
(once a week for six consecutive weeks)
HST not included in price


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Daily home regiment is required and will suit individual needs. Select from products below for more info.