Time Defying Night Cream

Time Defying Night Cream contains a powerful cocktail of active nutrients that combat the signs of aging at the cellular level. It is a genuine re-generator that reinforces cutaneous vitality. Time Defying Cream provides a deep down action to fight against the aging process. It is ideal for fragile and sensitive skins as it is soothing and desensitizing.

Active Ingredients: Extracts from biotechnology, rich in peptides and amino acids Repairing enzymes from marine sources An active extract from sea fennel rich in vitamin C and mineral salts Evening primrose oil rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E

Home Use: PM In the evening, apply a small amount to the whole face and neck and around the eyes. Can be used by itself or after Concentrated Repairer. 
Companion product Youth Cream.

Price:   $280    50ml      Special order only 

HST not included in price