50ml Pro Size

Cells-Life is a revitalizing and hydrating serum suitable for aging, dehydrated, de-mineralized skin, dry or oily. Its hydrophilic active ingredients retain larger quantities of water in the interstitial space of the epidermis. The result is a firmer but more supple and well-hydrated skin with increased vitality. Also reduces puffy eyelids, bags and shadows under the eyes.

Active Ingredients: Seven active substances based on proteoglycans Hyaluronic acid and peptides

Home Use: AM/PM:  Apply a few drops of Cells-Life to the eye contour and the neck or all over the face in conjunction with AM: your GERnétic day product of choice. PM:  Synchro or Cytobi.

Cell’s Life Retail  15ml   $173 

Due to problems with the cell’s life retail packaging it will no longer be sold here.

I am now offering the huge 50ml pro size in it’s place!

Cell’s Life now offered in a huge 50ml Pro Size!

Cell’s Life Pro Size Special Price: $299  50ml   

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