SYNCHRO 2000 Super Regulating Cream

If you prefer to wear a lighter-texture night cream  then you may wish to use Synchro 2000. Synchro 2000 is rejuvenating and healing. It regulates the skin functions and its defense mechanisms. Synchro 2000 is anti-pollution and it helps to fight free radicals.

Active Ingredients: Biological compounds rich in amino acids, trace elements and vitamins Extracts from calendula and St John’s wort

Home Use: AM & PM
AM: In the morning, Synchro 2000 can be used by itself or after your specific cream. Apply a small amount to the whole face and eye and neck areas. You can then apply any Gernétic protective cream or sun care cream.
PM: At night, use Synchro 2000 by itself or after your corrective serum and/or specific cream.

Price:  $94    50ml
HST not included in price