Make-up Removal, Cleansing & Exfoliating

Proper cleansing clears the skin and pores not only of make-up , but also of environmental pollutants, debris, impurities and accumulated sebum. Select the GERnétic cleansing products corresponding to your skin needs. Cleanse morning and evening with particular emphasis in the evening as one must never go to sleep without removing all traces of make-up! The very first step in preserving a clear and luminous complexion is to thoroughly remove dirt, oil and make-up without causing damage to the skin (avoid using soap with excessively high PH balance) Once impurities are eliminated, your skin becomes suppler, refreshed and clean, ready to take in the superior action of the GERnétic creams

Smoother, Brighter, Refined Skin!

A light peel on a regular basis (once or twice a week) sloughs off dead cells to allow regeneration  through  deeper and better  penetration  of the appropriate skin care products.
A deep exfoliating action can be applied once a month with facial or as intensive treatment in series of six twice yearly Gives new life to sun damaged, aging and neglected skin!!

Diminishes acne scars, enlarged pores and hyper pigmentation.