CUCCIO Sea Salt Body Scrub

Luxuriate in the intoxicating aroma of CUCCIO Naturales while your body is gently exfoliated.  Dead Sea Salts are infused with essential oils that dissolve quickly & leave skin feeling soft & polished throughout the day to give a healthy, glowing effect. Next steam towels to remove sea salt. Finish with nourishing Body Butter Blends applied by gentle massage. Butter Blends provide an intense hydrating treatment for silky smooth skin.

Price:  $75  1hr.

Jan/ Feb 2020 Special Price $65 + FREE 8 oz CUCCIO Lyte Body Butter

HST not included in price

CUCCIO Naturalé

Cuccio Butter Blends are rich and luxurious creams that provide an intense hydrating treatment for silky smooth skin!

Choose from five luxurious flavors; Pomegranate & Fig, White Limetta & Aloe Vera, Vanilla Bean & Sugar, Coconut & White Ginger,  Lavender & Lemongrass

cuccio pomegranate & fig

cuccio white limette & aloe

cuccio vanilla bean & sugar

cuccio coconut & white ginger

cuccio lemongrass & lavender